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IIT Hyderabad is one among the 2nd generation of IITs started by the Govt. of India. Today IITH offers 9 B.Tech programs, 16 M.Tech programs, 3 M.Sc programs, 5 M.Phil programs, 1 M.Des program and Ph.D. programs in all branches of engineering, science, liberal arts and design. The very foundation of IIT Hyderabad is based on research and innovation. The vibrant research culture is evident from the number of patents and publications that IITH has. At IITH students are given with a plethora of choices, which they diligently choose with the help of a faculty advisor. Courses that last for a semester are almost a foregone story at IITH. From 14-15 academic year onwards all B.Tech programs started offering courses that are of smaller credits; called the fractal academics; very carefully designed to keep the enthusiasm of the students and to keep them in pace with the state of the art from 1st semester till 8th semester.

IITH in the past couple of years has been highly successful in building tie-ups with leading academic institutions around the globe. IITH enjoys a very special relationship with Japanese Universities and Industries that goes beyond academic and research collaborations. In fact, some of the iconic buildings in IITH campus will carry the signature of Japanese architecture. IITH is creating a unique holistic educational ecosystem that offers interactive learning, a highly, flexible academic structure, cutting-edge research, strong industry collaboration, and entrepreneurship. It is providing an environment wherein students and faculty are not afraid to translate their dreams into realities.

Message From Director
IIT Hyderabad is in its 10th year. We have come a long way in the last 9 years. Academically, we are at the forefront of developing new curricula and new programs. We are also at the forefront of research and development. Our faculty student ratio is the best among all IITs — 1:13. We have a very strong PG program. The rough ratio among Ph.D. students, Masters students and undergraduate students is 30:25:45. IITH has graduated 143 Ph.D. students by Feb 28, 2018. In March 2018 IITH has a total of 2374 students with almost 20% women students, and 185 faculty members. IITH sanctioned research funding will be to the tune of Rs.300 crs. from sponsored projects and consultancy projects. Nearly 80% of IITH faculty have sponsored projects. IITH Scopus indexed publications will stand at 3000 with one transfer of technology and nearly 85 filed patents. IITH has strong industry collaboration we collaborate with nearly 50 industries. IITH achieved NIRF ranking of 10 and QS Asia BRICS ranking of 100. Our Japan collaboration is in full swing with Japanese faculty visiting us and IITH faculty visiting leading Japanese university on a regular basis. There is a strong student exchange program with Japan.
IITH has MOUs with at least 50 universities globally, most of them in Japan, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe and Taiwan.
IITH has three technology incubators – iTIC, Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Fabless Chip Design Incubator with 10 incubated companies. Of these 4 have receved substantial funding. Moreover, there are 6 research centers most notable being Nano-technology, Teaching and Learning Center, Design Innovations Center.
On the academic front IITH is innovating and scaling while maintaining quality: We have B.Tech. programs in 9 engineering departments, MSc in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, M.Phil. in Liberal Arts, M.Des. in Design, and Ph.D. in all 13 departments. There is strong emphasis on interdisciplinary academics. IITH has implemented a very novel academic program, referred to as, Fractal Academics – the key idea is to atomize courses, provide breadth and depth, emphasize courses in liberal arts as well as creative arts, emphasize project work, and create an interactive learning ambience. In this approach the students will be well equipped to handle challenges of any job or challenges of post graduate education. IITH offers a Minor in Entrepreneurship to all students, a double major — hardworking and enthusiastic student can get two B.Tech degrees. Students at IITH can enrich their knowledge by opting for a minor and/or an honors program. IITH is the only institution to offer DigiFab (3D-printing) to all first year students.
IITH is the first institute to start an executive M.Tech. program in Data Science for working
professionals, and an all course M.Tech. program which can be completed in one year.
IITH is creating a unique holistic educational ecosystem that offers interactive learning, a highly, flexible academic structure, cutting edge research, strong industry collaboration, and entrepreneurship. It is providing an environment wherein students and faculty are not afraid to experiment and celebrate their ideas.
Director’s Biosketch
IITH will be the cradle for inventions and innovations. It will advance knowledge and scholarship to students in science, technology and liberal arts, and equip them to handle the challenges of the nation and the world in 21st century
To be recognized as ideators and leaders in higher education and research, and to develop human power with creativity, technology and passion for the betterment of India and humankind
Core Values
Honest, ethical and responsible behaviour will be fundamental to all our dealings and actions
Academic Freedom
Ensure complete academic freedom in teaching and research
Diversity of Ideas
Commit to plurality and diversity of ideas to create a robust and vibrant future
Foster the spirit of scientific inquiry
Service to the Nation
Commit to providing technology, solutions and trained manpower for the betterment of the people of India
Have transparency on all decision matters
Environmental Stewardship
Commit to developing and practicing green technologies
Endeavor to excel in research, education and student activities
People & Committees
Programs Offered
IIT Starts Minor Program in Design open for all B.Tech Students
IITH has started a minor in design for its undergraduate students. Minor in Design is a course that sensitises students from the engineering disciplines to creative, applicable and aesthetic dimensions of the interaction between technology and people. Spread across four semesters, this course begins with basic exercises in designerly ways of doing and practice and ends with the students engaging in small independent projects. The aim is to inculcate and cultivate the spirit of “making” amongst the students from core engineering and sciences.
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